Domes for the World Foundation

Image: Children in Indonesia — Children enjoy their new playground at Ngelepen, an Indonesian community that DFTW partnered to rebuild after the destruction of a May 2006 earthquake.

DFTW Foundation is a nonprofit, 501©(3) tax status organization that provides the training, tools and methods for constructing superior shelters and complete community systems, both urban and rural, for the world’s most needy. Monolithic EcoShells and Monolithic Domes are at the heart of those methods.

Inadequate shelter is a detriment, pulling down those living in poverty. Virtually all of Haiti, much of other Caribbean populations, twenty-five percent of Latin America, seventy percent of sub-Saharan Africa and fifty percent of South Asia are living in extremely substandard housing. Slum dwellers face death caused by water borne and respiratory illnesses. There is a great need to improve their living conditions. Adequate and sustainable housing is crucial in our urbanizing world. According to the UN, our world has 1.6 billion people living in substandard housing and 100 million homeless. During the next thirty years, those living in slums will increase to nearly two billion unless action is taken. (Continued…)

About Us


The Domes For The World Foundation’s mission is to improve the lives of people worldwide through the introduction and construction of EcoShells and Monolithic Domes for personal and public use. (Continued…)

The Dome


While DFTW has the capacity to build Monolithic Domes, the cornerstone of our business plan is the EcoShell because of ease of construction and the ability of any community to learn and adopt the technology as their own. (Continued…)



Both private and public donations are accepted and have been made by such luminaries as: (Continued…)



We have many ongoing projects. Our most recent project was the construction of the village in New Ngelepen. Others have successfully used our Dome building techniques to help people in their own related projects. (Continued…)