Quick Facts:

  • Population:Over 1.5  Million

  • Population living below the poverty line: 29.6%

          Source: World FactBook


In the Spring of 2000, Monolithic EcoShell technology was selected for the core building structures at New Oroville. New Oroville is the private company-campus owned by Catalytic Software set near the high-tech area of Hyderabad, India. The campus was designed for approximately housing and technology units along with all the amenities of western life including; parks, swimming pools, gardens, clean water systems, and more. This facility allows for local company employees to live an work in safe, clean, cost efficient units. They are one, two, and three story EcoShell domes integrating living and work spaces.


Additional Information
–New Live/Work Campus 
–50 acres 
–Total future development 4,000 units 
–Local materials 
–Local labor resources 
–Small core of trained technicians and project management 
–Amenities: gardens, parks, tennis, swimming pools, nature walk…

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