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Quick Facts:

  • Population:10,646,714

  • Population living below the poverty line:58.5% (2012 est.)

          Source: World FactBook


Over the past 9 years we have made significant progress. At Hope Village we have planted a farm, built dormitories and schools and begun vocational training to teach the children viable trades to secure their future. We have over 750 children living at Hope Village and over a thousand more coming to our schools each day from poor neighboring communities.  Today Espwa is sponsored by, a 501(c)(3) from NJ, in support of their mission to help Haiti's children fight poverty. "The children are the solution. They are pitching in to help build their own dormitories and schools. They are learning trades such as masonry, carpentry, farming, and agriculture. They are becoming self-sufficient so that as adults, they will be able to care for themselves. And one day, they will be able to care for their own children. Something their own parents were unable to do for them.”

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