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Domes For The World Foundation

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Our Mission

Domes For The World improves the lives of people worldwide by promoting and providing safe and sustainable shelter. Through the construction of EcoShells and Monolithic Domes, communities will save energy, water and materials; preserve local surroundings; assure the health of their occupants; and require little maintenance.

Our Projects

International Ventures

The Dome


Monolithic means one piece and refers to the Monolithic Dome Institute and the structures it has developed, including the EcoShell.

The EcoShell

Ecoshell means economical, eco-friendly and thin-shell.

EcoShells are built with 2 or 3 inches of concrete and a modest amount of rebar. Compared to conventional, rectangular buildings with the same square footage, EcoShells use less than 50% of concrete and rebar in their construction. They also take less money and time to construct.

EcoShells use readily available, environment-friendly materials, so trees and other local, natural resources are conserved. Construction can be done by hiring local labor with very little special skills and/or equipment.

The Domes’ compound curve makes them stronger than virtually any other structure. They are as disaster proof as a building can get and will withstand tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes and fire. They cannot be burned, eaten by bugs or destroyed by mold and will last for centuries. And because of the concrete’s thermal mass, the Domes’ interior temperatures remain stable.

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ADDRESS: 910 Twin Butte Road, Menan, Idaho 83434


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