Dome in Indonesia — One of the many completed dome in New Ngelepen.

Dome in Indonesia — One of the many completed dome in New Ngelepen. (Rebecca South)

Domes For the World was organized in 2005 as an NGO who would take Monolithic dome based structures and communities to serve people world wide. It has participated directly in projects and has been the “backbone” resource in project development and delivery for other NGOs in worldwide projects. DFTW provides design services, local training in construction means and methods, project management, material/ equipment sourcing, and general administrative support. DFTW was founded and is supported by industry professionals.

Chunox, Belize

Dome going up in Chunox, Belize

Pinnacle: Securing Hope, an organization involved in a variety of philanthropic efforts worldwide, is joining forces with DFTW to build disaster-proof Monolithic EcoShells in Belize. According to Manager Adam Webb, in November 2011, a Pinnacle team, along with others, will travel to Belize and help with the construction of the EcoShells, that will become the homes of natives now living in makeshift shacks easily destroyed by earthquakes, hurricanes and tropical storms. (Continued…)

Hyderabad, India

Two story Ecoshell in Hyderabad, India

In the Spring of 2000, Monolithic EcoShell technology was selected for the core building structures at New Oroville. New Oroville is the private company-campus owned by Catalytic Software set near the high-tech area of Hyderabad, India. The campus was designed for approximately housing and technology units along with all the amenities of western life including; parks, swimming pools, gardens, clean water systems, and more. This facility allows for local company employees to live an work in safe, clean, cost efficient units. They are one, two, and three story EcoShell domes integrating living and work spaces. (Continued…)

Ethiopia, Village of Hope

A small struggling orphanage in Ethiopia was desperately trying to maximize its very limited financial resources for building improvements. EcoShells were used to create the much need structural improvements for housing children of varying ages, cooking facilities, educational buildings, and multi use structures. One member from the DFTW team was able to take all the critical materials over in his luggage, and then teach and train local people in the construction process on site. The basic building materials were purchased locally and the work was completed. (Continued…)

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

DFTW partnered with the World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (WANGO) and Emaar Properties to rebuild Ngelepen in Indonesia, a community devastated by the May 2006 earthquake in Central Java. This village of 80 Domes brought new homes to 71 families, clean water, a school, a masjiid and a medical clinic. More than 370 local laborers were employed in the construction, which was completed in less than six months. (Continued…)


Even before that devastating earthquake of January 12, 2010 hit Haiti, DFTW was working with local government officials and other organizations to improve the extreme poverty conditions in Haiti. Since the earthquake, DFTW has intensified its efforts. (Continued…)