DFTW Featured in Master’s Thesis

Lora Garrison, daughter of Don Garrison, Monolithic’s Manager of Airform Production, recently completed her Master’s Thesis. Lora has been working toward a MA degree in Arts in Community Leadership at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her 40-page thesis, DFTW International Volunteer: Training Manual includes DFTW’s goals, values and management; the construction and use of EcoShells; and virtually everything related to visiting, evaluating, and improving the lives of people living in poverty. (Continued…)

Utah Company Raises Funds to Build EcoShells in Belize

Good things are happening in Belize! Pinnacle Security, a Utah-based residential security market, established a non-profit organization called “Domes for Belize.” Through it, they solicited contributions and organized a charity run that provided funding for the construction of EcoShells. Twenty-seven Pinnacle representatives and their families then spent a week in Belize helping with the construction. Read what they have to say about it. (Continued…)

Impact Assessment of New Ngelepen

In 2011, DFTW began planning an Impact Assessment of New Ngelepen in Indonesia. Andrew South, president of DFTW, said, “We hope to learn how the introduction of concrete dome EcoShells (and a top-down aid delivery method) has impacted the social-economic fabric of the local community. We also will be gathering data on how the use of local materials has performed, in contrast to materials traditionally used in the United States.” (Continued…)

DFTW is Part of a Living Village

The Living Village at Engineering and Humanity Week 2011 — During Engineering & Humanity Week 2011, The Living Village will be home to students who will live, cook their meals and sleep in temporary shelters designed to house people displaced by war and natural disasters. Students, faculty and local members of the community will build the village on the SMU campus lawn, showing casing a variety of shelter technologies.

Stephanie and Hunter Hunt are Dallas philanthropists who are working to make the world a better place by improving living standards for the world’s poorest people. That’s why they founded the Hunt Institute for Engineering & Humanity at Southern Methodist University. This week, the institute is raising awareness about global poverty by hosting a living village designed to inspire action. (Continued…)

How to Restructure, Improve, Enhance a Country: Build Better!

When you first begin really looking into current living conditions worldwide, what you hear and read appears overwhelmingly staggering – a situation impossible to correct or even improve. We do not believe that. For one, it’s too easy – too easy to just look at the bigness and give up. Secondly, we do believe we have solutions: 21st Century technology. We know it’s practical and we believe it’s doable. (Continued…)

Shipment to Haiti to Rebuild Orphanage

Shipment for Haiti — This April, DFTW is shipping 2 Airforms, 13 water filters, 2 inflator fans, roving basalt, Silshield and various hardware for the rebuilding of an earthquake-destroyed orphanage in Haiti.

April 2011 promises to be an exciting, hope-filled month for donors to Domes For The World (DFTW). Andrew South, president of DFTW, said that that’s when a significant shipment will be leaving for Haiti. It will include 2 Airforms, 14 water filters, 2 inflator fans, roving basalt for concrete reinforcement, Silshield for coating and various hardware. Native crews, supervised by Andrew South and Derek South, will use the Airforms and other construction items to build two 32’ EcoShells, and seven 20’ EcoShells, for an orphanage destroyed by the earthquake of January 2010. (Continued…)

Domes For The World Foundation Asks You to Help

The Domes For The World Foundation’s mission is to improve the lives of people worldwide through the introduction and construction of Monolithic Domes and EcoShells for personal and public use. We will initiate and coordinate efforts to alleviate shortages of housing and community facilities in struggling cultures and impoverished lands. (Continued…)

President’s Report: DFTW in Haiti

Soon after the earthquake, DFTW teamed with internationally known hip-hop artist, Won-G and Globus Relief to create a new identity for Haiti. Then in December 2010, Andrew J. South, president of DFTW, completed negotiations for a partnership between DFTW, MODDHA and ESPWA. (Continued…)

Potential Projects

Hundreds of thousands of people have been relocated from Port- au-Prince to rural areas where they do not have permanent shelter. Additionally, the government has an initiative to continue to move people from the overpopulated capital city to rural areas. In these rural areas communities should be built to sustain themselves. We recommend an approach to developing sustainable, disaster-resistant structures for the millions living in the poorest rural communities of Haiti. While they were less affected by the earthquake, they still represent the lowest standards of living. Providing a way to assist here is and has always been a necessity. (Continued…)

Current State of Affairs

The aftermath of the earthquake has affected the entire country. Apart from the hundreds of thousands killed and wounded, the Capital city was devastated which disrupted critical infrastructure and leadership. Government of the country prior to the earthquake was largely inefficient and even ineffective, which when compounded by the disaster led to greater chaos. (Continued…)

DFTW at Benefit for Grossman Burn Foundation

Time Magazine cover of Bibi Aisha — Bibi Aisha, a survivor of unbelievable Taliban cruelty, was guest of honor at the “Art of Humanity Event,” organized to raise support for the Grossman Burn Foundation and their Burn Centers.

On October 8 at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, DFTW President Andrew South attended the first annual, VIP, by-invitation-only Art of Humanity Event for the Grossman Burn Foundation. The benefit was organized to raise awareness of and funds for medical aid in destitute areas and developing countries. (Continued…)

New Partnership for DFTW

DFTW has partnered with MODDHA International Foundation, a global humanitarian effort that helps orphans and widows, to design and construct a MODDHA Village of EcoShell Domes for Orphanage Project Hope in Haiti. (Continued…)

Suparno Family Updates: Adopted by Anonymous Foundation

The Suparno family has been adopted, and their dome is almost complete. The concrete has been applied to the interior and exterior of the dome. The workers are now building the interior walls. They do not have enough bricks from their old house to finish the walls, so they bought 100 concrete blocks. This dome has two bedrooms, a guest room and a dining room. (Continued…)

A Practical, Life-Sustaining Water Filter

The Just Water Ceramic Drip-Filter — Assembling the Just Water Ceramic Drip-Filter is very simple.

People caught in a disaster-devastated area always need clean water. By clean we mean without bacteria—the little unseen critters that make people sick with diseases like Cholera. Without it, they cannot maintain their health and strength and they cannot begin recovery. (Continued…)

Most Frequently Asked Question:

I get a phone call at least once a day about building EcoShells in the US or Canada for housing, either for a private home or for a small development. I understand that we are all looking for the best home for the least amount of money, but in the US and Canada, the EcoShell is NOT the answer. (Continued…)

Domes for the World Featured in Concrete International

When an earthquake struck Indonesia’s Island of Java in May 2006, some communities were harder hit than others. Ngelepen, for example, was devastated by a major landslide that wiped away every structure in town. But thanks to generous assistance from the World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (WANGO) and Dubai-based Emaar Properties, the Domes For The World (DFTW) Foundation was able to rebuild the community by constructing safe and efficient Monolithic EcoShells. (Continued…)

Can $10 Change the World?

The primary school in New Ngelepen

Yes it can! It can make all the difference in the lives of millions of families all over the world who live in lean-to’s and makeshift housing without access to clean water or sanitation. (Continued…)

A New Way of Life

This is a video featuring the project by Domes for the World in New Ngelepen, Indonesia. The New Ngelepen project included 77 houses, 6 MCK’s (bathroom, shower facilities), 6 wells, 6 septic systems, a church, and roads. (Continued…)

Bawana Family Updates 3

The Bawana Family — The Bawana family is very happy with their new dome.

The Bawana dome is now complete. The workers finished painting and planting flowers for the family. The dome is very attractive and the Bawana family would like to express thanks to all of the donors that made it possible. (Continued…)