Value Proposition


According to a recent United Nations’ report, meeting the housing needs of mass urban migration will require the construction of 96,000 homes a day between now and 2030.


DFTW constructs simple, thin-shell concrete Domes called “EcoShells.” Built to last over 500 years, EcoShells are impervious to bugs, mold and rot. They are fire-proof and withstand even the most severe hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes.

Domes for the World is not only the leader in the EcoShell industry, but has direct access to the entire Monolithic Dome Industry and its related technologies and experts.

No other nonprofit is as experienced or has a greater network of support for building affordable, sustainable, permanent and SAFE communities worldwide.

Our business model stands alone as a path to economic prosperity for local populations (who are also benefitted by the structures themselves). Instead of sending high-cost U.S. skilled labor to a project, we teach, train and transfer our technology at no premium.

We are committed to training unskilled local labor, thereby infusing the local economy with funds from wages, new job skills and ultimately new Dome Building Businesses.

In addition, because the EcoShell will stand safely for centuries, it is unique. The benefit for residents is plain to see. The longevity of the EcoShell and Monolithic Dome sets DFTW projects apart from other humanitarian efforts. By helping to build these communities, donors create their legacy which will last for centuries. Communities you build today will be there— helping people— long after all of us are gone.