TRANSPARENCY – The first key to success is transparency in all dealings and a commitment to holding honesty and integrity as the highest priority.

COMMUNICATION – DFTW uses the latest technological resources including project management software, databases, blogs, email and interactive internet applications to ensure all team members, and donors, are continually apprised of new developments and opportunities.

QUALITY & LONGEVITY – Every Dome built by DFTW is constructed to last for centuries. The same quality control methods used in the Monolithic Dome International Industry will be strictly adhered to by DFTW.

TEACH, TRAIN, TRANSFER: EcoShells are constructed using unskilled local labor. One DFTW supervisor can instruct a large number of local laborers. A cornerstone of DFTW’s mission is the commitment to transferring our technology to local tradesmen, who will then start their own Dome Building companies.

We will then nurture these new businesses until they can run on their own.

LOW ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: The EcoShell is made of readily available concrete and rebar (made of recycled steel).

EcoShells do not require the use of wood or petroleum based products. Concrete can be mixed and applied by hand, producing minimal pollutants from machinery. The lifespan of a Dome is measured in centuries, so resources are expended only once.

We are committed to making the smallest possible impact on the environment in all our dealings.