Chunox, Belize

Dome going up in Chunox, Belize

Dome going up in Chunox, Belize (Jeremy Baker)

Pinnacle: Securing Hope, an organization involved in a variety of philanthropic efforts worldwide, is joining forces with DFTW to build disaster-proof Monolithic EcoShells in Belize. According to Manager Adam Webb, in November 2011, a Pinnacle team, along with others, will travel to Belize and help with the construction of the EcoShells, that will become the homes of natives now living in makeshift shacks easily destroyed by earthquakes, hurricanes and tropical storms.

Utah Company Raises Funds to Build EcoShells in Belize

Good things are happening in Belize! Pinnacle Security, a Utah-based residential security market, established a non-profit organization called “Domes for Belize.” Through it, they solicited contributions and organized a charity run that provided funding for the construction of EcoShells. Twenty-seven Pinnacle representatives and their families then spent a week in Belize helping with the construction. Read what they have to say about it. (Continued…)