About Us

Indonesia — The dome village in New Ngelepen includes dome-homes for 71 families, clean water, a school, a masjiid and a medical clinic.

Indonesia — The dome village in New Ngelepen includes dome-homes for 71 families, clean water, a school, a masjiid and a medical clinic. (Rebecca South)

Our Mission

The Domes For The World Foundation’s mission is to improve the lives of people worldwide through the introduction and construction of EcoShells and Monolithic Domes for personal and public use.

We initiate and coordinate efforts to alleviate shortcomings in housing and community facilities. We negotiate partnerships with governments and organizations who share our goals. We seek grants and donations to fund construction of permanent, affordable, sanitary, and safe structures for those who have none. We train local people in our methods of construction and transfer that technology. We stimulate the local economy by providing employment and purchasing materials from local vendors.

Sustainable buildings, according to the U.S. Green Building Council, save energy, water and materials; preserve the local surroundings; assure the health of their occupants; and require little maintenance. The EcoShells and Monolithic Domes that DFTW designs and constructs fit that criteria very well.

Our Core Values

Service – To appropriately serve by helping people to help themselves.

Shelter – To foster the construction of homes and buildings for needy individuals, families and communities.

Safety – To design structures that provide safety from natural disasters, such as earthquakes and hurricanes.

Sanitation – To build easily maintained dwellings and community buildings that resist termites, vermin, rot and mold.

Sustainability – To provide training and tools so local people can continue constructing safe structures. To use techniques and materials that are environmentally sustainable.

The Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board is made up of a wide-range of professionals in the broader scope of our industry — with an emphasis on members who have expertise in NGO best practices, “green” technologies and sustainable development. (Continued…)

The Board of Directors

Domes for the World Foundation’s board of directors is a little unusual for a publicly funded charity in that it is a family undertaking. The reason for this is that DFTW grew from another family undertaking: Monolithic, Inc. David B. South, with brothers Barry and Randy, invented the Monolithic Dome and EcoShell in the early 70s. The three have since built thousands of domes worldwide. Most of their children have become experts in the industry and are the most qualified people to direct DFTW. (Continued…)


Domes for the World provides a wide range of services: Feasibility Studies, Architectural Designs, Project Planning, Technology Transfer, Transparency and Reports. (Continued…)